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Single bag filter

Single bag filter refers to: a small bag filter to deal with the air volume of 1000-20000 cubic meters / hour, the filter area up to 200 square meters. At present, the pulse cleaning method is the most efficient cleaning method, that is, 4-6 kg high-pressure gas is injected by the electromagnetic pulse valve to vibrate the dust removing bag to vibrate the dust. The pulse width and the pulse interval of the pulse solenoid valve are controlled by a pulse controller. Stand-alone bag filter installation easy to use, and the application of a wide range of almost any need to use the dust purification process using dust bag to filter to achieve emission requirements, but the choice of dust bag material selection!

Different conditions choose a different dust filtration bags, ordinary dust, no corrosive, no moisture, the temperature ≤ 130 ℃ under the circumstances, completely selected at room temperature polyester needle felt dust bag can, corresponding to a variety of dust bag material: anti-static Polyester Needle Felt, Water Proof Oil Polyester Needle Felt, Three Anti-Polyester Needle Felt, PPS Needle Felt, Fiberglass Needle Felt, Fluoride Needle Felt, Acrylic Needle Felt, Polypropylene, 208,729 Woven Cloth, basalt acupuncture felts, etc .; In addition to dust filter bag, my company all accessories products readily available, one-stop shopping more peace of mind