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10 characteristics of Environment - friendly chain - star type unloader

(1) through the use of planetary rotation principle, input and output on the same axis, but also with the motor directly connected to the unique, and thus compact structure beautiful and innovative, small size, light weight.

(2) reliable and stable operation, low noise, less failure, long life, teeth with ductile iron and bearing steel, etc. Use of good performance, high wear resistance.

(3) bearings, tooth boxes, away from the valve body, to avoid the impact of high temperature dust, front and rear cover seal performance, dust leakage, extend the motor parts, lubrication system life.

(4) unloader with overload capacity, impact resistance inertia moment is small, suitable for starting frequent and anyway turn.

(5) users for special specifications, motor, sprocket drive, such as unloader, contact with the factory, can be produced.

(6) speed without sliding loss, transmission efficiency of up to 98% of a%.

(7) allows a larger transmission ratio.

(8) can transmit large power at low speed.

(9) can work at higher temperatures or other harsh conditions (subject to changes in climatic conditions).

(10) compact structure, the same power transmission, the contour size is small.