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Filter cage and dust filtration bags matching sizes

Dust filtration bags filter inside the framework of the equivalent of our ribs, played a very important role, and the bag with the right size, not to hurt the bag, when the pulse valve is sprayed a few kilograms of pressure spray and dust bag there will be between Very good space can be expanded, stand up to repeated spray several tens of thousands of times, and then the gap with the manufacturers must say hello flower hole size and then have to grasp the good;

Dust cages and the difference between the outer diameter of the bag Size: depends on the bag material, if the bag is dust filtration bag at room temperature, both polyester needle felt, anti-static polyester needle felt, water repellent polyester needle felt, three anti-polyester needle Felt, 208,729, yellow temperature polyester needle felt, the outer diameter of the dust skeleton and the diameter of the hole plate hole difference of 10mm gap; but if the dust bag material is fluoromethine needle felt, or glass fiber needle felt , Then the gap between the two to reach at least 15mm can; one reason, dust filtration bag thickness is different!