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Biomass boiler dust filtration bag

Biomass boilers are based on the combustion of various biofuels, and their own flue gas emissions are more environmentally friendly while effectively utilizing the waste biomass and generating low waste (1.5% of the combustion products), and the coal-fired boiler smoke The gas contains a lot of sulfur monoxide / sulfur dioxide, in the treatment of flue gas must be desulfurized, bag filter (PPS filter bag) to meet the emission requirements.

Biomass boiler is not desulfurization link, compared to the cost reduction, bag filter dust filtration bag material used: 960gsm FMS filter bag, dust collector filter bag material such long-term working temperature ≤ 260 ℃, instantaneous maximum temperature ≤ 280 ℃, fully qualified biomass boiler dust collector inlet temperature ≤ 250 ℃ environmental conditions, and the filter speed of not more than 1 m / min, the service life of a year and a half to two years.