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Suggestions for strengthening the normal maintenance of pulse jet bag filter

Suggestions for strengthening the normal maintenance of pulse jet bag filter

1) Predictive inspection or maintenance of the different functional systems of the dust collector can improve the synchronous operation rate of the dust collector. For the dust collector that has been in use for a long time, it is not enough to just check and deal with problems. Through failure analysis, it can be seen that damage of one component can easily affect the function of other components. After the dust collector has been running for a period of time, the impulse valve, pressure gauge, pressure reducing valve and various control components, dust filter bags, especially for FMS filter bags, should be strengthened for inspection and maintenance. , For dust collectors that have been in operation for more than one year, the monitoring of emission data should be strengthened.

2) Pay attention to the management of the dust discharge of the dust collector, and the dust discharge is smooth, so that the dust collector can operate. Every time the ash is discharged, the cone should be emptied without leaving any residual material, especially when the temperature difference is large, once the ash is discharged If the dust in the pipeline is damp, it will produce suspended material. Once it fails, it is difficult to handle it. In the severe winter season, the anti-freezing work of gas pipelines and valves should be strengthened to avoid the occurrence of dust collector bagging and other failures.

3) Check if the dust on the dust filter bag are cleaned, if there is thick dust on filter bag, it will cause big differential pressure;

The stable operation of the pulse jet bag filter is affected by many different factors. The analysis of the influencing factors during the use of the dust collector and the targeted measures taken are of great significance to the long-term stable operation of the dust collector.