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Working principle of dust collector

The dust collector is specially designed for the top, bottom, belt conveyor and local dust sources of cement plants. The dust from the dust collector can be directly discharged into the warehouse, and the clean air suction fan is discharged. After the dust collector works for a period of time, the dust on the filter bag of the stand-alone dust collector gradually increases, which causes the resistance of the filter bag to rise. It can also be used in other industries The local dust source is used for dust removal. The dust-containing gas enters the dust collector from the lower part of the dust collector, and after being filtered by the filter bag, it can also directly fall on the belt. It has the advantages of small size, large air volume, compact structure, convenient use, etc. It needs to be cleaned. After the cleaning is completed, the stand-alone dust collector works normally.

Dust-containing gas is drawn into the box (entered from the middle or lower part of the box) by the fan (installed in the upper part of the box) and filtered by the dust bag. The dust is retained on the surface of the bag, and the purified gas is sucked into the fan and discharged from the air outlet. The dust on the surface of the filter bag increases with the increase of time, the resistance of the filter bag gradually increases, and the dust removal efficiency decreases. For the normal use of the dust collector, it does not affect the dust removal effect. The dust on the surface of the filter bag is automatically cleaned. The duster performs regular rapping to clean dust.

The dust collector is suitable for dust removal and cleaning work in the foundry industry, ceramic industry, glass industry, and refractory materials, cement building materials, grinding wheel manufacturing, chemical pharmacy, mechanical processing, mining and metallurgy, machine tools, grinders and other industries. Its dust removal is over 96%.