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The development of filter technology for steel plants

The development of filter technology for steel plants

      The filter bag is the main component of the bag filter. The filter accuracy of the bag filter is mainly related to the power plant dust bag of the bag filter, which is also related to the selection of filter material. The development of domestic filter media is synchronized with the development of bag filter.

In the early 1950s, there was no special filter material manufacturer in China, so plain cotton canvas could only be used at room temperature, and woolen products were mainly used for filtering acid gas. By the end of the 1970s, 208 polyester flannel was released, which provided a batch of filter materials for the promotion and application of pulse jet bag filters, mechanical rotary counter-blowing bag filters and other types of bag filters, and once became the dominance of filter materials. . Then, imitating the 729 polyester woven filter material from Japan, it was applied to the large and medium-sized sub-chamber anti-blowing bag filter. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, with the development of non-woven fabrics, my country successfully developed synthetic fiber needle-punched felts, which improved the dust filtering effect of the bag filter by an order of magnitude. In the 1980s, our country successfully developed nomex fiber and nomex needle felt, which can withstand 204C, and is used in high temperature flue gas treatment in metallurgy, non-ferrous metallurgy, and carbon black industry.

The subsequent production and production of filter bags for power plants, anti-corrosion, and other synthetic fiber needled felt products basically meet the needs of various industries and various working conditions. In the early 1990s, my country introduced the PTFE microporous membrane filter material, which achieved low resistance and energy saving. The filter material provided, even the filtration mechanism, has changed from deep filtration to surface filtration.

    And now for steel plants, they normally use polyester filter bag, FMS filter bag, fiberglass filter bags. For these bags, we have very mature technology and can control 10mg dust emission.