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Nomex filter bags for asphalt mixing plants

Nomex filter bags for asphalt mixing plants 

BOING FILTER excels at producing nomex needle punched felts and filter bags. We have been producing and export a large number of  nomex medias to the world. Today we will introduce you a little bit about nomex medias. NOMEX FILTER BAGS

Under normal flue gas temperature conditions, the NOMEX bag filter requires a temperature resistance of the dust filter bag below 204℃, and in places with higher flue gas temperature, such as smelters, carbon black plants, and ironworks Blast furnace gas, calcium carbide plant kiln exhaust gas casting, steel plant flue gas, cement plant shaft kiln exhaust gas, asphalt concrete mixing asphalt flue gas, coal-fired boilers and other high-temperature dust removal and purification are not competent for the first one because of these dusts.

First, the flue gas dust is not suitable for electrostatic precipitator collection due to the limitation of specific resistance, and can only be collected by cloth bags or other methods;

Second, if the temperature of the dust-containing flue gas needs to be lowered to below 204℃, the investment is higher or the site is restricted;

Third, because the dust-containing flue gas contains sulfur components, the dust-containing flue gas has an acid dew point, and can only be filtered and separated at a higher temperature than the acid dew point.

In this way, it is necessary to have a better tolerance High temperature chemical fiber is used to make filter material.

Nomex fiber (aramid dust filter bag) is an aromatic polyamide fiber. In addition to the spinnability and abrasion resistance of polyester fiber, its major feature is that it has good heat resistance and flame resistance, Infusibility. The fiber oxygen index does not spontaneously combust at 29%. When the temperature is above 400°C, the fiber is slowly carbonized. In addition, Nomex fiber also has good dimensional stability. Compared with glass fiber, its abrasion resistance and bending resistance are unmatched by glass fiber. Therefore, it has high temperature resistance and long service life.

It is the "filter material of the bag filter for high-temperature filtration occasions. Aramid filter bag is also called high-temperature dust-removing filter bag.