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Dust filter bag storage and installation precautions

Dust filter bag and filter cage should be kept in the room, after the installation and cleaning, the inspection door should be closed, the dust collector bag is not allowed after the installation of welding, cutting or grinding work.

1 filter bag should be kept away from the fire source, to moisture, to avoid direct sunlight, such as direct sunlight, to prevent heavy material extrusion before the installation of each filter bag should be checked to prevent mechanical damage.

2 installers should be concise dress, clothes pocket clean, can not carry cigarettes, matches, lighters, keys,knives and other objects, so as not to fall into the filter bag (if the filter bag fell into the debris must be removed). Nails or hard soles of the shoes to install the installation of the filter bag staff to be fixed, fixed positions, the responsibility is clear, each person to install their own filter bag records, and in the record on the signature.

3 installation environment requirements: the installation of live lighting enough light, the site is not allowed to store and install the equipment has nothing to do, debris and so on.

4 filter bag installation process, the prohibition of smoking, is strictly prohibited in any form, any part of the welding and cutting work, power failure is strictly prohibited with lighters, matches and other fire lighting, the daily installation work after the end of the installation tools to avoid missing Damaged bag in bag.

5 installation filter bag requirements: it is recommended by two people to install, a person will be folded into the flower bed longitudinal hole, another person to seize and open the roll into the bag. Cage box to the center, gently put, install When guaranteed to be vertical.

6 filter bag installation check: every installation of a filter bag, to check whether the joint seal is sealed, the sealing position is correct from the hopper to check whether the vertical, if found at the bottom of the filter bag is not correct or when the record Timely direct guidance under the guidance of people.

7 After the installation of the flower board to use the canvas gradually cover, so as not to fall into the filter bag, the installation of the spray pipe can also be covered with a canvas to prevent damage to the filter bag mouth.

8 installation to pay special attention: injection pipe hole, Venturi nozzle, dust skeleton, dust filter bag, flower board five parts center to be consistent, the deviation is less than 2mm.

Dust filter bag
In order to prevent damage to the dust bag, it should be done with care at the beginning of the installation, and tools such as screwdrivers and the like can not be highlighted from the tool kit and so on, and cover or remove all the fast mouth.

Install the filter bag can not stand or kneel on the filter bag, to prevent the foot or heavy pressure on the installation of the filter bag has been installed. Filter bag to avoid damage to the bag before installation, all the bags should be the same direction of the joints ( Back to the air intake).

Usually the bag cage and filter bag with the very close, but if the size of the co-size is too small, you should check the size of the bag cage or filter bag, the size of the wrong bag cage or filter bag should be scrapped (scrapped bag or bag The cage should be promptly returned to the supplier) filter bag installation, such as the use of bagging tools to protect the filter bag, pocket spring spring up hand pinch flat, so that the smallest contact with the flower hole, making the spring up the ring bayonet just embedded Flower board hole, dust collector bag Note: bag cage in the board after the installation, it is necessary to do a visual inspection inside the hopper, see the bottom of the bag is exposed to the surrounding box of steel, to prevent the process of grinding bags.

A spray pipe will be installed at the top of each row of filter bags, each of which is connected to the air separation box through a steel joint. The other end of the injection pipe has a fixed end which is adjustable and is connected to the support of the net room (upper case) The The spray nozzles should be centered against the center of the filter bag.

When the handling and storage of the filter bag should be handled, it is necessary to prevent the bag from colliding with the surrounding hard objects and sharp corners. It is forbidden to stop the foot and press it to avoid damage. The installation of the filter bag should be completed after the installation of the dust collector Work) Finally, remove the spray pipe and then install the filter bag.