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Filter Bag Cage/cartridge

We have full range of filter bag cages/cartridge; each one can fit to the requirements of being light, handy, smooth and straight. Filter cage/cartridge resembles the working life of filter bag. It should be light, handy, easy to install, maintain, and it is smooth and straight, to prevent the bag from damage.

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Technical Data

The filter bag cage/cartridge is the support of filter bag and it should be light and easy for installation and maintenance. The quality of filter cage has directly bearing on the filtering state and service life of a filter bag. Every cage we make can meet the requirement for tightness, smoothness and uprightness. Products are customizable, please contact us!


1.material of cage: carbon steel or stainless steel SS304,316,316L

2.type of cage: any style

3.type of the horizontal bar: round ring or star or envelop or oval or pleated cage/cartridge 

4.surface treatment: zinc-galvanization or silicon coating or epoxy of connection: clamp, chuck, claw join connection

6. Numbers of vertical wires: 8,10,12,16,20,24 

7. The diameter of the longitudinal wire can be Φ3mm, Φ3.2mm, Φ3.5mm, Φ3.8mm or Φ4mm.

Provide Us the Data you need for filter bag cage/cartridge

The quality of filter bag cage has directly bearing on the filtering state and service life of a filter bag. So the detailed and accurate data can ensure the normal use of the product to the maximum extent. It’s great that you can provide design drawings, or if you provide data according to the following information.

1. Filter bag cage/cartridge material and size
2. Quantity of vertical wires
3. Space of Horizontal wires
4. Wire diameter
5. Cell plate sizes of dust collector or baghouse

Prices differ in different joints, please tell us your requirements so we can make appropriate price for you.

Quality control:

1. No burrs and sharp edge on surface and no false we
2. Vertical wires distribute equally, space tolerance is +/-2mm

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