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  • Our PPS needle felt has unique flame retardant property, extraordinary heat-resistance, chemical and anti-radiation and electrical insulation property.  

  • Fiberglass needle punched felt has good corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, elongation minimal shrinkage, high strength advantage, but also has high temperature resistance with high filtration efficiency. We can provide both non-woven and woven fiberglass fabric filter bag.

  • Anti-static Polyester Filter bags is widely used in flour, chemical and coal industries. Shangbang provide the filter bags with excellent performance of anti-static function.

  • PET filter bag is the most popular dust collector bag due to its cheap price, high strength and good adaptability. 

  • Homopolymer Acrylic felt Filter Bag is widely adapted in low temperature,critical chemical corrosion condition and wet environment.

  • A 200°C maximum service temperature, acid and alkali resistancet Nomex dust collector bag are widely used in pulse jet style dust collectors. And the price for Nomex dust collector bags is cheaper than other heat-resistance bags.

  • PTFE needle felt is perfect among all the felt filter bags; it is a high grade product of filter bag. PTFE filters has the best chemical resistance property meanwhile it also has the good performances of filter efficiency. Working life can reach 6 years in the normal working condition.

  • P84 polyimide fiber has extraordinary filter and heat resistance function.  It is widely used in waste innceneration.

  • Polypropylene  filter bag is the most popular one due to its cheap price, high strength and good adaptability.

  • A 220°C maximum service temperature, FMS filter bag is a conventional filter material especially for cement plants and steel & iron industry. 

  • Star filter bag is a cost-effective filtration solution that can significantly reduce costs and solve bag house capacity problems. Our star filter bags can double the filtration surface compared with normal cylindrical filter bags.