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Glass fiber filter bag

Glass fiber filter bag is widely used in steel & metallurgy & alloy industry. Glass fiber filter bag can reach a maxxium temperature of 260℃ in both reverse pulse jet bag filters or pulse jet dust collectors. Our glass fiber filter bag can work for 3 years without replacement.

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Glass fiber filter bag we made but not just these

Dust Collector Bags

Heat-resistant Filter Bags

PET (Polyester) Filter Bag

Aramid(Nomex) Filter Bag

PP (Polypropylene) Filter Bag

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Fiberglass Filter Bag

 Glass fiber filter bag Shape:

1. the Glass fiber filter bag can be normal shape, with snap ring and round bottom; most sizes like 160*6000, 130*3000, with SGT fiberlass fabric

2. big Glass fiber filter bag, with two open ends; most sizes like 300*10000mm, with 6 pcs steel rings or without

  • Our imported high tech fully automatic production line, which guaranteed glass fiber filter bags production efficiency, fiberglass fabric quality and lowered product
  • We can also meet clients requirments for different uint weight, from 450gsm to 750gsm, with different post treatment
  • cost

Glass fiber filter bag applications

  •  Minerals Processing: Dryer baghouses in the gypsum industry and clinker cooler baghouses.
  •  Metals Processing: High temperature process collectors for lead oxide and electric arc furnace baghouses in the steel industry
  • Alloy factory

Glass fiber filter bag parameter

Weight:500-750 g/m2
Fiber Content:100% glass fiber
Felt Construction:glass fiber
Continuous Operating Temperature:260°C
Maximum Surge Temperature:280°C 
Acid Resistance:Good
Alkali Resistance:Good
Breaking Strength
Warp:2000 N/5 cm
Fill:2000 N/5 cm
Mullen Burst:4653 kPa (675 psi)
Elongation at 50 lb
Flame-Resistance Testing ASTMD 6413-08:
After Flame0 seconds
After Glow35.1 seconds
Char Length1.1 inches
Working lifetime8000 hours and more

Glass fiber filter bag surface treatment

1. PTFE membrane/laminated;

2. PTFE impregating;

3. SGT(Silicon and graphite treatment)

4. Acid-Resistant Treatment

5. Alkali-Resistant Treatment

How to business with us?

1. What you need to do?

You just need to tell us your all your working conditions in through details:

  • Size, material you want;
  • The former filters you use;
  • Your working conditions;

All the next jobs will be done by us:

2. What we offer?

  • Quick response
  • Quick delivery& Competitive price& stable fine quality
  •  Professional technical and commercial suggestions provided by experienced staff.
  • Custom-made design
  • Free samples is accepted if you write to us.
  • The filtration accuracy and efficiency you want to achieve;
  • Meet clients demand for controlling dust emission
  • Meet clients’ expectation of long working life
  • Meet requirement for high cost performance

We are passionate about what we do and we do things right. Contact us!

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