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Dust filter bag repair work is the largest part of the bag filter

Experience to prove that the dust filter bag repair work is the largest part of the operation of the filter bag situation, can be reflected by the differential pressure meter readings and changes in the large bag filter every day to record the resistance value, timely analysis and inspection filter Bag damage, deterioration and congestion, and take the necessary measures.

(1) Maintenance items in operation The maintenance items in operation include: ① determination of resistance and recordability; @ with the naked eye to observe the exhaust smoke situation, from the exhaust port if you can see the discharge of dust when the filter bag damage , In order to determine the location of the damage can be checked as follows.Use manual operation of the room by the conversion of cleaning operations, a room to close the valve room, observe the exhaust port, because the filter bag broken sub-room filter is no longer stop

(2) Maintenance items at the time of parking The maintenance items at the time of parking include: ① Observe the use and wear degree of the filter bag. To see if there is any deterioration in the use of the filter bag, ⑦ with experience or test to adjust the filter bag tension, with experience to observe the filter bag non-filter surface of the fouling; ③ check the bag with no friction, collision; ④ check the bag or dust Whether it is wet or wet, the occurrence of bonding.

(3) the main factors affecting the service life of the filter bag
① filter bag clogging bag clogging the specific form of the filter bag is increased resistance, can be increased by the value of the pressure meter to increase the filter bag is caused by bagging bag wear, perforation, shedding and other causes of damage caused by bag The reasons can be checked and repaired by the phenomena listed in the table. Generally take the following measures:
A, to temporarily strengthen the cleaning to eliminate the blockage
B, part or all of the replacement filter bag;
C, adjust the installation and operating conditions.
② filter bag damage filter bag shape, installation method and structure of the dust filter bag damage caused by the reasons, in turn, can be checked and repaired. However, in addition to these damage, there are some reasons to help the bag damage, see the table can refer to this table for inspection and repair.
③ There are several reasons for the aging of the filter bag (described below), to identify the reasons for the elimination of measures and replace the filter bag.
A, due to high temperature and aging;
B, due to acid, alkali or organic solvent vapor contact reaction and aging;
C, with the reaction of water aging;
D, filter bag use time to reach its life time.

(4) the installation of filter bag filter bag improper installation method will appear the following phenomenon:
A, exhaust tube smoke;
B, the resistance of the precipitator is reduced or increased;
C, bag damage or promote the bag damage;
D, from the filter bag installation site dust;
E, filter bag fall off;
F, dust removal system dust cover suction effect worse;
G, cleaning effect deterioration;
H,dust filter bag off.

As the cleaning method and filter bag installation method is different, the pressure applied to the filter bag is also different.We know the mechanism of vibration type cleaning method, so that the bag to maintain proper relaxation, in order to more effectively cleaning. The regular maintenance of the precipitator will save a lot of cost.