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Bag filter working principle for boilers

Pre-separation: dust from the shaft kiln into the dust collector flue gas into the center of the intake manifold, the suction system in the dust removal system under the action of negative pressure in the hopper evenly above the center into the bag of each bag chamber, dust flue gas In the coarse particles of dust blocking and due to the role of gravity directly into the ash bucket to complete the pre-separation of dust.

Filtration: Dust gas into the filter bag through the flower plate hole, the dust is trapped in the inner surface of the filter bag, the dusty gas is filtered through the filter bag to be purified, the purified gas into the bag chamber, and then by switching the valve exhaust passage, Outlet pipe, discharged to the atmosphere by the exhaust fan. The dust collector for the top of the air, negative pressure operation of the filter. Cleaning methods can be divided into fixed time, set the resistance of two methods. Timing cleaning is based on time program, the room automatically according to the adjustable time parameters in turn cleaning, dust catcher cleaning cycle is 0 ~ 2.5 hours adjustable in six steps, each room cleaning time of 10 seconds to 3 seconds minutes Sixth choice. Timing cleaning control is the dust collector into and out of the differential pressure sampling, through the differential pressure transmitter into electrical signals to implement cleaning, the work process is as follows: into the outlet pressure device pressure differential pressure device Gray controller relay solenoid valve cylinder lift switch valve in addition to the above two control methods, but also set up a manual control mechanism can be manually carried out normal cleaning control.

For the convenience of operation and management, it is recommended to use timed cleaning method. And it is easy to install dust collector bag replacement. Fourth, the temperature control shaft kiln flue gas temperature generally fluctuates within the range of 60-300 ° F, moisture content in the range of 4-12% fluctuations, in order to prevent dew condensation filter bag and due to overheating bag Other malignant accidents.