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Cement Industry

Cement is the basic raw material of the national economy, the cement industry is closely related to economic construction, for a long period of time ahead, the cement will still be the main building materials of human society. However, cement production is also one of the most dust making industries.

Dust control is critical during all the stages of its manufacture for both environmental and plant maintenance reasons. Sbang Polyester technology is widely used in both Cement industry and Coal industry for 31 years. 

Due to the excellent filtration properties and temperature resistance and working life, Sbang filter bags are widely adopted in below procedures:

1. Kiln outlet(finish mills) fume filtration: P84 filter bags or composite P84 filter bags is widely adopted

2. Kiln inlet(raw mills) fume filtration: Aramid filter bags also called Nomex filter bags are widely used, but now many industries tend to use electric bag filter instead of dry filtration;

3. Material handling and product bagging system, and other production stations: Polyester filter bags, water and oil proof Polyester filter bags, Polyester anti-static filter bags, Polyester filter bags with PTFE membrane, and other Polyester filter bags or Acrylic filter bags is adopted;

With 31 years of industry experience, Polyester needle felt has better strength and longer working life. 

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