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Iron and Steel Industry

The Iron and Steel Industries operates at a very high temperatures with potentially hazardous chemicals and dusts which is harmful to the human health and the environment. So, filter media is a vital component in ensuring the safety and smooth operation of each facility.

Shangbang Filter has a long history in the iron and steel industry. Our filters have been widely adopted in coking, sintering, iron-making, steel-making, and blast furnace flume processing.

We know about proper fume collection and spark-carry over issues. We offer a variety of low and high temp filters in felts and woven fabrics including seamless tubes.

Our solutions are available in a range of polymer types from low temperature polyester to high temperature Polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) fibers to provide the optimum filtration performance for our customers needs. 

Normally Polyester filter bags, PPS filter bags, FMS filter bags are widely seen in iron and steel industry.