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How to buy a dust collector bag replacement from China?

How to buy a dust collector bag replacement from China?

If you want to purchase dust collector bag replacement in China, if you need to know below points.

About yourself:

1. The existing dust collector bag material, is it made of pure or compound filter bag material? 

2. Continuous working temperature;

3. Size, the size is very important is quite important. Normally, we strongly suggest clients to send us the original sample. Usually we can quote according to clients oral or written description, but for bulk production, we always ask for original samples or we will make sample for clients approval. Because in case there is a tiny error in size, all the dust collector bags will be wasted. 

4. Client should also know the corrosion degree, whether it needs water proof or anti-static function or PTFE membrane etc.

About dust collector bag supplier:

1. If you are not an expert in industrial filtration, we strongly recommend you to choose a big professional company. Normally, big company has full process from sample development to final order fulfillment. In case you are not smart in this, they can assist you and get you the suitable products for you. And normally, bigger companies will do honest business. However, if you are an expert in this, you can source some good small factories, they may lack in customer service, and whole order process, but they can provide the lowest price. But if you know how to make requirements, they will surely do according to your requirements, too. In my opinion, choose a reliable partner is quite important, from my decades of international business, clients never change suppliers, even though sometimes, the supplier increase prices due to some reasons, they will still work with you. Unless your products have quality issues, but if this happens, even if you provide great compensation, they will not trust you anymore. 

If you master all the above points, I'm sure you can find a reliable supplier for dust collector bag replacement.