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5 things to know when you source filter bags in China

With the fast growing of E-commerce, nowadays it’s more and more convenient for people buy abroad. Since we are in industrial filtration, and as a filter products supplier, we would love to share with you 5 things that we need to pay special attention when sourcing dust filtration bags in China.


1. Shape

There are many shapes for dust filter bags, like

1.1 Sewn-in Circular Disc Base
1.2 Sewn-in Circular Disc Base with Bumper Cuff Reinforcement
1.3 Snap Band Top to Fit
1.4 Flange Top with Wire Ring
1.5 Plain Open Top
1.6 Open Top with Cuff and Cord

Below is the picture for reference, and there is more ...

In this aspect, buyers should first come to supplier with picture, let the supplier know clearly how the dust filter bags look like;

2. Size

We take snap band dust filter bag for example, for Chinese filter bag manufacturer, they need cell plate diameter, and filter bag length. Otherwise, it’s very hard for manufactures to make a right filter bag;

3. Material

You need to check with supplier well about the material, is it pure? If not, what is the composition? And the product parameters.

4. Supplier Certification

There are thousands of suppliers in China for each industry, but how to find a reliable supplier? And to make sure they can produce according to your needs? I think a field visit is necessary. Sometimes, if the profit margin is okay, foreign trade company is also a good choice. Because they are more convenient for communication, and they can inspect the goods according to your standard before export. In this way, the quality is assured.

5. Import and export procedures

With the e-commerce globalization, to buy a thing at any corner is getting more and more easy. And for our filter products industry, we should know the bulk import procedures and import tax, to make sure all the cost is the lowest.