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Take 2 tons of boiler as an example to teach you how to choose bag filter

The current winter, the boiler generated harmful gases on the air pollution significantly increased. So the boiler is equipped with bag filter is essential.

2 tons of boiler dust collector I use the company MC-160 pulse bag filter, bag filter parameters: 160 bags of bags The dust collector is designed for 2800 * 1000 * 4500.

This size is only for your reference, and the specific dimensions are based on your specific situation.

(M / min) 1.175 Number of filter bags (Article) 1606 Number of pulse valves (m / min) Quantity: 0.00 Price Description: Negotiable Detailed Product Description: Total number of pumps (m3 / h) 90003 Full filter area (m2) (Mm) ≤310 Equipment resistance (Pa) 1470-177011 Filter bag material PTFE coating Polyester filter needle felt felt 12 Filter cloth textile Technology acupuncture 13 filter cloth sewing process three needle machine sewing 14 bag specifications Φ133 × 2000mm15 filter bag allows the use of temperature ℃ ≤ 120 ℃ 16 bag cage specifications Φ120 * 1950mm17 bag cage material carbon steel 18 bags cage corrosion treatment process surface plating Zinc processing 19 filter bag fixed and sealed way spring up ring 20 electromagnetic pulse valve type and specifications 1 "right angle valve 21 cleaning gas pressure Pa (5-7) × 10522 good gas quality 23 solenoid valve mechanical opening time sec 0.0824 Air consumption m3 / min 0.625 cleaning method online cleaning 26 maintenance mode shutdown 27 control mode PLC control: automatic; manual 28 ash delivery way star unloader fan Model: 4-72 № 5A11KWHMC-160 type pulse bag filter has On the box, the box, ash bucket, guide Flow tube, bracket, filter bag components and injection device, ash delivery system, etc. The dust collector arranged by a single.

Filter bag specifications φ133mm. Filter bag at the top of the spring with a ring, sealing performance, easy to change bags for each bag set a carbon steel bag cage.

Bag filter to buy need to pay attention to what matters:

1. Before purchasing the bag filter, must be based on the production process conditions, to fully study the technical information about the dust collector, consider whether to meet the stringent environmental requirements and about% of the operating costs, according to comprehensive factors for technical and economic comparison to determine 2. In strict accordance with the drawings and technical specifications provided by the manufacturers to operate, without sufficient basis and reason should not be arbitrarily changed operating conditions, to prevent the occurrence of changes due to operating conditions caused by the failure.

3. To understand and master the bag filter and the composition of the various parts of the dust system technical requirements and operational points, pay attention to the rationality of the matching parts, try to avoid this big and small situation.

4. Always pay attention to the work of the filter bag, found abnormal, to analyze the reasons for timely processing.

5. Always pay attention to and record the gas temperature, humidity and pressure into the bag filter, so that the dust collector in the specified parameters to run, should not run below the gas dew point temperature.