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Basic requirements for dust filter bags on mini dust collectors

Mini dust collector in the dust of the general specifications are φ120 * 2000mm φ130 * 2000mm φ130 * 2450mm φ130 * 3000mm φ130 * 4000mm φ130 * 5000mm φ130 * 6000mm φ130 * 7000mm φ130 * 8000mm φ160 * 2000mm φ160 * 2450mm φ160 * 3000mm φ160 * 4000mm φ160 * 5000mm φ160 * 6000mm φ160 * 7000mm φ160 * 8000mm Dust bag is the most important part of the bag filter, its fiber properties in addition to the fiber itself, temperature, corrosion resistance and mechanical strength and other properties, but also with Surface structure and the degree of the level of resistance to the installation of tension and other dust bag is the most basic requirements.

Dust bag In addition to the basic requirements of the dust bag, dust removal process in the dust bag also some basic requirements, first of all is to meet the dust removal efficiency requirements, usually according to the size of dust bag cleaning strength, selected dust filter bag Such as compressed air pulse backlash This cleaning strength is large, the general dust filter bag on the remaining ash layer was blown off, dust removal efficiency depends entirely on the dust bag itself to maintain the compactness, so the need for dust The bag material is thick and the dust surface has the fluff.The dust on the surface of the dust filter bag can increase the surface area of ​​the collected particles and provide the support between the holes to prevent the accumulated ash clusters from passing into the pores, thus forming the loose surface layer, In the cleaning as a bonding structure, contribute to the remaining ash layer to maintain, increase the starting efficiency.

Second, to be able to meet the cleaning requirements, dust bag to maintain economic resistance to run 800 ~ 1500Pa, in addition to a reasonable choice of cleaning methods, but also requires dust bag easy to clean if the surface treatment to increase the cost too much can not There is no other conditions to limit the time, you can take a small filter speed method.There is a way to use a higher dust removal temperature, under the same conditions, the temperature is high when easy to clean if cotton fabric Dust filter bag, the temperature exceeds 80 ℃, the intensity will decline rapidly, at this lower temperature, the dust filter dust condensate threat will become larger, and glass fiber filter bag operating temperature can reach 280 ℃, not only did not burn dust Filter bags and flue gas to produce the risk of condensation, and sometimes can also be directly dealt with waste heat boiler exhaust flue gas.

The last is to be able to meet the requirements of permeability, fabric dust bag permeability is an important filter performance, dust filter bag of the permeability of a decisive impact on the permeability of natural fibers and synthetic fibers at room temperature, Dust particles in the dust, so the adhesion of dissolved dust in the dust, the accumulation of dust in the filter bag or further from the chemical changes gradually get gas permeability, thereby reducing or even loss of filtration, so that must be removed to replace the dust bag , The use of dust bag characteristics, its hydrophobic nature and easy to clean up the degree of difficulty linked.
In order to obtain high dust removal efficiency, in addition to the dust bag in the weaving method to take measures, but also a reasonable choice of the diameter of the filter cloth fiber. Fiber diameter smaller dust bag fabric, the higher the efficiency of dust, especially the capture Very fine dust, such as particle size less than 1μm must be used fine fiber material dust bag.