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130 * 2000 dust filter bag basic requirements and its working life

Dust filter bag is the first to be able to meet the requirements of dust removal efficiency, usually according to the size of dust bag cleaning strength, select the structure of dust bag bag base, such as compressed air pulse blowing this cleaning strength, the general dust filter The remaining dust on the bag was blown off the dust, dust removal efficiency depends entirely on the dust bag itself to maintain the density of the bag, so the need for dust bag material thick and greasy face with fluff. Dust filter bag surface can increase the presence of hair Set the surface area of ​​the particles to provide inter-hole support to prevent the accumulation of ash into the pores, so as to form a loose surface layer, in the cleaning as a bonding structure, contribute to the remaining ash layer to maintain, Efficiency.

Second, to be able to meet the cleaning requirements, dust bag to maintain economic resistance to run 800 ~ 1500Pa, in addition to a reasonable choice of cleaning methods, but also requires dust bag easy to clean if the surface treatment to increase the cost too much can not There is no other conditions to limit the time, you can take a small filter speed method.There is a way to use a higher dust removal temperature, under the same conditions, the temperature is high when easy to clean if cotton fabric Dust filter bag, the temperature exceeds 80 ℃, the intensity will decline rapidly, at this lower temperature, the dust filter dust condensate threat will become larger, and glass fiber filter bag operating temperature can reach 280 ℃, not only did not burn dust Filter bags and flue gas to produce the risk of condensation, and sometimes can also be directly dealt with waste heat boiler exhaust flue gas.

The last is to be able to meet the requirements of permeability, fabric dust bag permeability is an important filter performance, dust filter bag of the permeability of a decisive impact on the permeability of natural fibers and synthetic fibers at room temperature, Dust gas in the characteristics of moisture, and thus dissolved in the dust containing dust in the dust, accumulated in the dust filter bag or further from the chemical changes gradually get gas permeability, thereby reducing or even lose the role of filtration, so that must be removed to replace the dust filter Bag, dust filter bag on the use of the characteristics of view, its hydrophobic and easy to clean up the degree of difficulty linked.

In order to obtain high dust removal efficiency, in addition to the dust bag in the weaving method to take measures, but also a reasonable choice of filter cloth fiber diameter. Fiber diameter smaller dust bag base cloth, the higher the efficiency of dust, especially catch Set very fine dust, such as particle size less than 1μm must be used fine fiber material dust filter bag.

Dust filter bag business life count, it is not only linked to the bag itself is also an element of raw materials, dust bag practice and use of their own functions and production processes, flue gas conditions, natural climate, filter bag filter structure and its Cleaning methods, equipment management and other conditions of use, because the use of conditions to touch more elements, and then can not be more precise grasp, and thus began to imagine the number of life when the dust bag filter function to estimate the actual use of dust bag. 

Dust bag usually under normal circumstances, when the dust filter bag will arrive during the planned life period, the random removal of a number of dust filter bag, they crack strength, elongation and static function test to these functions to estimate the dust The operation of the filter bag to use the life of the dust filter bag material will cause deformation of the internal filter dust filter bag under the air outlet blockage, and zonal deformation will cause the filter filter bag and the structure of the impact of wear and tear, and then Reduce the number of dust bag, so for the different types of filter bag filter, dust filter bag should be used to check the difference between the other dust filter bag filter speed and pressure loss between the contact practice is dust filter bag Function and the use of conditions to reflect the induction, and thus this connection is also the use of dust filter bag life of a major goal.

Based on the above considerations, you can start setting:
In the late stage of the dust filter bag planning, compared with the filter before or after the relevant specifications, dust filter bag cracking rate of change rate of ≤ 10%, the elongation rate of change ≤ 20%; in the dust filter bag planning longevity , Dust filter bag under the conditions of filtering the wind speed and pressure loss is maintained at the planning level.To achieve the above conditions, you can conclude that the actual use of dust bag can be extended for 1 year.For the actual use of dust filter bag to estimate the number of life , Not only can save the cost, but will not affect the working conditions, so the life of the dust bag is estimated to be feasible and necessary, with the dust filter bag related technology advances, the future of dust filter bag life estimates Will be more accurate.