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Which industrial dust removal technology do you know?

Do you know how many industrial dust removal technology? 

Common industrial dust removal equipment, there are the following: 1, bag filter This dust collector equipment is mainly through the dust filtration bags to collect dust, according to its design principles can be divided into: mechanical vibration type bag filter, atmospheric backflush bag Dust collector and pulse jet bag filter three. Mainly used for the separation of industrial production of dust particles and fine dust.

Involved in areas: cement, thermal power plants, building materials, asphalt mixer, food, casting, metallurgy, mining, chemical, tobacco, machining, boiler dust.

2, the filter cartridge dust collector is an efficient dust collector equipment, specifically to solve some of the difficulties of dust collection, poor filtering, high filtration speed, cleaning is not easy and other drawbacks, making the dust removal equipment running costs and dust removal effect Get double promotion.

3. The traditional filter cartridge has two kinds of cleaning methods, one is high-pressure air backflush, one is pulsed airflow blowing.