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Do you know Polyester filter bag features?

Polyester filter bag features?
1, dirt holding capacity, large flow, high pressure
2, easy to operate, corrosion-resistant, good temperature
3, high rejection rate, low cost, wide range of applications
4, acid, temperature 150 ℃
5, polyester fiber, depth filtration, accuracy range of 0.5 ~ 600μm
Filter bags are generally divided into many different types according to their performance, each has its own characteristics, take the liquid filter bags mainly has the following four characteristics:

1. Liquid filter bag suture mouth improvement is not high after the protrusion, it will not happen without the phenomenon of pinhole leakage phenomenon.
2. Liquid filter bag material is divided into polyester and polypropylene nylon filter bag type, wide range of filtration accuracy and high precision.
3. Liquid filter bags marked on the bag All the models of the product specifications are easy to take off the label, the purpose is to prevent the filter bag in use, the label and the ink on the pollution of the filtrate phenomenon.
4. Liquid filter bags will not produce silicone oil pollution problems, because the design of non-silicone oil cooling industrial sewing machine made of high-speed production.

First of all, according to the chemical name of the fluid to be filtered, taboo chemical compounds to find the available filter media, commonly used with PE, PP, PTFE, NMO, and then for its operating temperature, operating pressure, pH, operating conditions Need to withstand steam, hot water or chemical sterilization, etc.), one by one to assess and remove the filter media does not apply. Use is also an important consideration, for example, drugs, food or cosmetics filter must be FDA approved material; ultra-pure water to be selected pure, free from emissions will affect the impedance of the filter; filter gas to be Select hydrophobic materials and the need for "sanitary filter" design and so on. The main foreign filter bag manufacturers GAF, FSI, 3M, CUNO, U.S.Filter, LOEFFLER, PARK, Vablue filter bag, etc. xEIPAh.

There is also polyester felt filter bag for industrial fuel gas filtration, if you need we can share with you next time.