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Why we have an output of thousands of dust filtration bags

Dust filtration bags in industrial production is a product that is inefficiently produced and belongs to a labor-intensive industry. A large part of the industry's profit value is as a worker's wages, from the dust bag cutting, sewing to the installation of parts, shaped production, each link is done manually. Dust bag from the original cloth production to the re-cut, dust filter in the hands of workers to be repeated several times or even dozen times, dozens of times, depending on the complexity of the production and the impact of price and output changes. To this end my company introduced a professional sewing equipment, 24 hours a day production to ensure that its production in place, but the rest of the processing also rely on manual to complete, for example: mouth up ring production, up ring cylinder connected to the sewing on the Bottom, bottom reinforcement sewing, all need to be done manually! The automatic part of the dust bag is completely automatic sewing of the barrel part. This automatic and manual way makes the original productivity shift, which leads to a double increase of the manual production.

Special sewing machine head with advanced delivery procedures to ensure the quality of each bag dust. The use of imported equipment, making dust bag in the overall production of more convenient, for general dust bag is concerned. Relative to the mouth to strengthen the structure and the middle of the bag structure will be different by hand to complete. Large-scale production generally refers to a simple bag barrel body, without strengthening the bottom of the mouth and other special requirements of the dust bag, so that it will be very fast production.

Simple single-chip bag dust filtration bag can be easily made, thousands of production each day is relatively easy. Only the production of workers' work dust bag bottom and packing. A lot of labor can be added to increase production. Labor-intensive industries can only achieve mass production through advanced production equipment. I imported the plant is the production line, dust filter is a custom narrow range of filters, each filter narrow size corresponds to the size of the dust bag diameter, according to the diameter can be quickly selected suitable filter Material production. Botou Dongjie Dust Removal Equipment Co., Ltd. according to your dust bag requirements and use, adjust the production line, the dust bag for sewing and hot melt, to meet the needs of a variety of conditions. Welcome to contact us!