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How to reduce the moisture content of dust filtration bags resistance?

During the use of the bag filter, the proper moisture content in the dust-laden gas is an important factor in reducing the resistance of the dust collector. Increase the relative humidity, it significantly reduces the resistance of the filter bag, while preventing the generation of static electricity. Therefore, for dust-containing flue gas moisture content is too small, the resistance is too large, serious static electrostatic filter bag dust removal process, it is necessary to consider the dust gas spray water humidification. There are three reasons to reduce drag:

1, Dust particles that collide with the filter bag may be affected by relative humidity.

2, the adhesion between the dust particles and the filter cloth, by the relative humidity of the airflow, high moisture content with the ash layer, to make it more difficult to diffuse, the dust has a tendency to aggregate with each other. Adhesion between dust particles and filter cloth fibers increases with increasing relative humidity. As the particle size and relative humidity increase, the initial binding force between the dust particles and the filter fibers also increases.

3, the relative humidity affect the filter fiber and gray layer with the charge. In the dust removal process, the flue gas with low humidity has a large amount of static electricity, and the charge on the filter cloth or the dust particles has a great influence on the resistance loss under the certain thickness of the attached ash layer.

The three factors listed above can cause the dust to agglomerate into large particles to increase the porosity of the ash layer, thus improving the filtering performance, reducing the resistance loss of the filter bag, making the dust easy to catch and save a great deal of energy.

We use the new international technology, per square meter of filter media have been heat-setting heat treatment, to a great extent to ensure the dimensional stability of the filter. According to the needs of different conditions, the materials can be singeing on the filter material, calendering, coating, dipping, coating, water and oil treatment. According to customer dust removal equipment requirements for exclusive production of bags, bags and flowers to ensure that the close fit, to avoid dust leakage from the flower plate hole.