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Characteristics of PPS filter bags

 Characteristics of PPS filter bags

PPS filter bags Crystalline high-performance thermoplastic engineering plastics, with many characteristics such as heat resistance, chemical resistance, flame retardancy, etc. PPS operating temperature is 160℃-200℃. PPS filter bags have excellent heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and excellent hydrolysis resistance. It is also a good flame-retardant filter material. PPS filter bags have poor oxidation resistance and are prone to oxidation corrosion. PPS filter bags are used in coal-fired boilers, and PPS filter bags are used in the flue gas purification process of waste incinerators, coke ovens, kilns, chemical drying and other processes. PPS filter bags are also used in carbon black, powder collection, pneumatic conveying, chemical industry, cement, electric power, etc.

1. The working temperature of PPS filter bags is 190℃, the short-term working temperature is 232℃, the melting point is 285℃, and the limiting oxygen index of PPS filter bags is 34~35.

2. PPS filter bags are applicable when the oxygen content is 15% or less.

3. The fuel contains sulfur or the flue gas contains sulfur oxides. PPS filter bags have been proven to be acid and alkali resistant and chemically resistant fibers. When the flue contains moisture, the temperature of PPS filter bags is 190 Under the industrial and mining conditions of ℃~232℃, the air-to-cloth ratio is as high as 5:1 for online cleaning and when the air-to-cloth ratio is 6:1 for offline cleaning, PPS filter bags have an excellent performance record.