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How to clean dust filter bags?

How to clean dust filter bags?

The use of dust filter bags plays a very critical role in environmental protection. Of course, different dust collector bags can play different roles. Because the temperature of the dust that the filter bag manufacturers need to filter is very high, high temperature resistance is an inevitable attribute of the dust-removing cloth bag manufacturers.

Generally speaking, the surface of filter bag manufacturers adopts ultra-fine surface. In order to make the surface more dense, a needle punching process is used on the surface. The process can improve the anti-fine dust ability of the filter bag manufacturer.

Under normal circumstances, the safe passage of the dust bag is initially narrow and wide. Generally, the inner layer of the filter bags is kept at a relatively high temperature, and it is difficult for the inner layer to deposit dust.

Take PTFE filter bags for example, the filter bag adopts PTFE heavy impregnation anti-corrosion structure, so that the filter bag forms a complete film on the surface of the fiber, reduces air permeability, enhances the waterproof and oil-proof ability of the T surface, and has a stronger dust and ash removal ability.

Let's follow the professional practitioners of Boing filter to understand what should be paid attention to about the cleaning of filter bag.

High-frequency vibration is used to remove large dust particles entering the surface of the filter bag as much as possible, without affecting the entanglement fastness of the fiber, and maintaining good peel resistance of the filter bag.

In the cleaning process, relatively suitable cleaning materials must be selected and mixed strictly, cleaned with low-temperature water, with uniform water flow, moderate strength, and no mechanical damage to the dust bag.

Chemical experiment treatment: Extract the bag sample, use professional equipment to detect the oily content of the filter bag, select the appropriate cleaning material, and clean the filter bag within a certain limit without damaging the filter bag.