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Features of dust collector

Features of dust collector

1. The fan adopts a centrifugal ventilation fan structure, with large air volume and high air pressure, and adopts noise reduction measures to reduce noise during use.

2. The filter material of the dust filter bag is selected from 208 industrial polyester needle-punched felt. The filter bag structure is a flat bag, and each filter bag is equipped with a spring frame, which has good filtering effect, convenient filter bag replacement and long service life.

3. The dust removal mechanism of the dust collector adopts a motor with an eccentric wheel to drive the connecting rod to shake the filter bag and stain the dust on the outer surface of the dust filter bag. The control of the dust removal mechanism is divided into two types: automatic control and manual control; automatic control means that the fan works continuously, and the rapping and dust cleaning can be carried out by itself as required; manual control means that when the fan stops, the dust removal mechanism will work automatically and stop automatically after tens of seconds.

4. A spacious and sealed inspection door is installed on the dust collector shell, which is convenient for changing the filter bag and repairing internal parts.

5. The components of the dust collector adopt a drawer structure, which is convenient for operation and dust removal.

6. One side of the dust collector is equipped with a dust-containing gas inlet, which can be connected to the unpacking port, the dust port, the sandblasting box, the vibrating screen, the crusher, the bucket elevator and the belt conveyor and other dust-raising equipment.