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Cleaning method of dust filter bag

The filter bag meets the needs of the current environmental protection situation and has played a relatively important role in many industries. In the daily use process of the bag filter, the dust removal efficiency will be reduced after a long time. At this time, it needs to be cleaned. The cleaning method is as follows:

1. Cleaning method: use suitable washing materials and a strict ratio, clean with low temperature water, the water flow needs to be average, and the strength is moderate, so that the filter bag will not be damaged. The broken filter bag can be reused at a high rate, and the damaged parts can be provided by the original company.

2. Dust cleaning method: Use high-frequency vibration to distinguish the larger dust particles entering the filter bag, which will not affect the entanglement fastness of the fiber, and continue to adhere to the goodness of the filter bag and the easy peeling of dirt.

3. Soaking method: Choose a suitable chemical agent to soak the dust cloth bag, which can remove the oily dirt in the gap of the filter bag to the limit.

4. Drying method: hot air drying at about 110℃, the filter bag after drying can persist without deformation or shrinkage.

5. Quality inspection and packaging method: The dust bag after cleaning up to the standard will be packaged and packaged after strict monitoring, and the monitoring certificate will be attached and shipped to the warehouse for shipment.

6. Chemical experiment disposal method: extract cloth bag samples and use them to test the oily content of the filter bag together, so as to select the appropriate washing materials for cleaning, and the safety of the filter bag at the level.

7. Detection method: Use the same to stop the physical index test on the cleaned filter bag, and the cleaning quality reaches the standard. After cleaning, the indexes of the dust filter bag returned to normal, and the air permeability was stable. However, how long it can last depends on the customer's dust removal equipment and working environment. For example, the P84 filter bag for waste incineration station can be used for 3 years after cleaning; and FMS filter bags can be used for 3 years for blast furnance with proper cleaning. And pay attention to the cleaning manufacturer when cleaning the dust filter bag, so that the cleaning result can be used.