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Why does bag filter have high running resistance?

Why does bag filter have high running resistance?

When the dust concentration is too high, the collision probability between particles increases, causing the particles to stick together, which will also affect the running resistance of the dust collector. At the same time, the increase in concentration means that the thickness of the dust attached to the unit area of ​​the filter bag per unit time will increase, and the pressure loss will increase accordingly. In this case, the frequency of cleaning dust is often increased to make the equipment work normally, but this will increase the expansion frequency of the filter bag and increase the friction between the filter bag and the bag cage, which reduces the life of the filter bag and the filter material is invalid. The failure of the filter material will in turn lead to an increase in the pressure loss of the filter bag and an increase in the operation resistance of the equipment.

In addition, the positive pressure gas blown back during dust removal is also one of the reasons for the high operating resistance of the bag filter. Frequent injection of positive pressure gas into the bag chamber is bound to increase the operating resistance of the equipment. Therefore, when the dust concentration is too high, a block air equalization device should be added in the air inlet duct and the ash hopper to perform pre-dust collection treatment to reduce the load of the filter bag of the dust collector and reduce the resistance of the equipment.

The main influence of dust particle size on bag filter is manifested in pressure loss and equipment wear. It is the fine dust that has a great influence on the pressure loss, which can block the filter gap, reduce the air permeability of the filter material, and increase the resistance. The photo-oxygen purifier generally believes that the needle-like crystal particles and flake-like particles are easy to block the filter cloth, reducing the dust removal efficiency and increasing the running resistance. For dusty gas with finer particles, membrane filter bags should be used, such as cement kiln tails and slag grinding systems.

The photo-oxygen purifier is used in many industrial generations, and its use, structure, working principle and other things can also be found on the Internet. But as for the precautions when it is used, I believe many people will not pay too much attention to it. Then what matters should be paid attention to when this kind of machine is paying attention?