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The use of bag filter should prevent the dust filter bag from aging

The use of bag filter should prevent the dust filter bag from aging

The use of filter bag should prevent the dust bag from aging. As people's awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, many companies will install dust collectors when they are putting into production. However, due to lack of management, some companies will have some problems after the filter bag ages. Some companies have also been ordered to suspend business for rectification.

There was such a problem in an enterprise in Tianjin. When the relevant department received a report from the masses, they saw white smoke from the chimney in the enterprise. There was dust everywhere in the open space of the factory, and there was also a lot of dust on the wall. The relevant personnel of the environmental protection department found that there was a problem with the dust removal device of the company after an on-site survey. After the relevant staff of the environmental protection department saw the dust on the spot, they carried out an on-site survey with relevant personnel of the company. During the survey, it was found that the dust filter bag had been aging, and some small holes had appeared in many places. All the dust was Emanating from these small holes. This company mainly processes ore powder. Although dust collectors are installed on the storage tanks of the raw material warehouses, they are neglected. Usually this company does not pay attention to water spraying and cleaning measures, so a large number of them are left on site.

In order to avoid the production of a large amount of PM2.5 and other substances harmful to the human body, many companies have installed dust collectors, but some companies lack specialized management. When the dust filter bag is aging and damaged, it will bring difficulties to these companies. Faced with the dust left on and around the plant site, no company can explain it. The relevant departments can only issue rectification notices after the inspection. Therefore, in order to operate the company, each company needs special personnel for maintenance and management.