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The main reason for broken shaft of tubular screw conveyor

The main reason for broken shaft of tubular screw conveyor

Tubular screw conveyor is a widely used conveying equipment in mineral, feed, grain and oil, and construction industries. As for the tubular screw conveyor in the process of using it will encounter the phenomenon of broken shaft, then how to solve it at this time? And what is the main reason? Next, let me introduce it to everyone!

1. The chain is too tight: it is usually produced when the chain is tightened;

2. Manufacturing quality problems: Poor manufacturing quality of round link chains is one of the reasons that cause chain breaks;

3. Jumping tooth: The jumping tooth mentioned here refers to the chain link falling off from the sprocket of the head of the scraper single-tube screw conveyor;

4. I-pin drive: When using a die forging chain, use I-pin connection between rings;

5. The machine groove is not straight: the machine groove is not straight, on the one hand, the two chains are not evenly stressed. In severe cases, the chain tension is concentrated on one side; when the tension exceeds or the chain is corroded and worn, the chain may be broken;

6. Unequal pitch: After the scraper chain has worked for a period of time, the pitch will be unequal due to various reasons, and the unequal pitch of the two chains will cause all the load to be concentrated on one chain.