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Boing filter introduces to you what are the advantages of steel mill dust collectors?

Boing filter introduces to you what are the advantages of steel mill dust collectors?

Steel plant dust collector is a combination of water bath and spray. First, the suction of the high-pressure centrifugal fan is used to press the dust-containing gas into the water tank full of high water, and part of the dust is absorbed into the water by the water bath. After being evenly distributed, the gas moves upward from the bottom, and the high-pressure nozzle sprays fine water mist from top to bottom, and collects the remaining dust particles. The filtration efficiency can reach more than 85%. Steel plant dust collector is usually called "water dust collector". It is a device that makes dusty gas and liquid (usually water) come into close contact with the inertial collision of water droplets and particles, or through the thorough mixing of water and dust And other functions to capture particles, or increase or retain particles in a fixed container, in order to separate water and dust.

The advantages of steel plant dust collectors:

◇The dust removal efficiency of the steel plant dust collector is not only comparable to the bag dust collector and the electric dust collector, but also can be applied to the dust removal conditions that these dust collectors are not competent. Steel plant dust collectors have high waste gas treatment efficiency for purifying high specific resistance, high humidity, high temperature, flammable and explosive dust-containing gas.

◇Steel plant dust collector can remove water vapor and certain gas pollutants in the gas while removing dust particles from dust-containing gas. Therefore, the steel plant dust collector can not only remove dust, but also play a role in exhaust gas treatment. Steel plant dust collectors are sometimes called wet electrostatic precipitators.

◇When using the same energy consumption, the efficiency of the steel plant dust collector is higher than that of the dry dust collector. The quantitative steel plant dust collector washes dust particles below 0.5m, and the dust removal efficiency is still very high.

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