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How to check that the dust collector of the white ash kiln has been installed correctly?

How to check that the dust collector of the white ash kiln has been installed correctly?

The white ash kiln dust collector is mainly composed of three upper and lower boxes and platforms, electrical control equipment, hoppers and various ladders, dragon frames, pulse valves, gas tanks, screw conveyors, air compressors, ash discharge valves, etc., including filtration, Three stages of ash removal and transportation. The white ash kiln dust collector has an external filtering structure. When each filter unit contains dust gas, the white ash kiln dust collector directly enters the ash feeder under the action of inertia and gravity according to the different characteristics of the dust, and the fine dust particles enter the filter chamber through the airflow. After the dust on the surface of the FMS filter bag is filtered by the filter cake, the dust is attached to the surface of the fms filter bag, enters the upper tank from the inside of the filter bag, flows into the exhaust circuit of the clean gas collection pipe, and then is released into the atmosphere by the fan.

Due to the change of dust and air flow in the dust collector of the white ash kiln, the cause of the coarse dust particles is the sedimentation of the ash bucket. The remaining small dust rises to the filter room, the fms filter bag of the filter room filter, the dust exhaust gas is blocked and filtered to the outside of the FMS filter bag, the dust exhaust gas at the bottom of the filter bag is filtered into the filter bag, and the net gas rises again and enters the clean In the air chamber, the fan is sucked in again, and the rotating negative pressure of the fan is discharged into the atmosphere. After time of dust removal and configuration, the amount of dust settling outside the filter bag increases. Because the thickening of ash deposits affects the filter area, filter wind speed and filtration accuracy, timing pulse ash removal occurs at the beginning of pulse ash cleaning, and the compressed atmosphere in the pressure gas storage tank is regularly opened through the pulse valve. White ash kiln dust collector is an atmosphere negotiation pulse valve, blowpipe, white ash kiln dust collector, filter bag, and filter bag. The pulse valve and blow pipe are arranged in the exhaust nozzle and sprayed into the filter bag. The pressure of the filter bag is high. The ash kiln dust collector performs pulse cleaning under normal conditions. The dust removal structure is negative pressure, and the pulse cleaning is positive pressure. The FMS filter bag expands and contracts under positive and negative pressure, and the  FMS filter bag vibrates ash.

Inspection after installation of dust collector of white ash kiln:

To determine the operation of the dust collector of the white ash kiln, before the inspection, it is necessary to fully determine the type, scale and other items of the inspection object, and determine the operation situation on the day of the performance inspection.