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Problems that should be paid attention to during the use of the boiler bag filter

 Problems that should be paid attention to during the use of the boiler bag filter

1. Pre-spraying of bag filter

Before the boiler bag filter is put into operation and stopped for a long time, the bag is pre-sprayed, that is, a protective layer is pre-sprayed on the outer surface of the bag to prevent extremely fine dust from entering the filter cloth and blocking the pores. It is cleared out, and at the same time, it is avoided that when the boiler is ignited with oil, the tar substance in the oil fume will block the filter bag.

2. Pre-ash removal of bag filter

Fuel oil is needed when the unit is started or low-load stable combustion. In order to avoid clogging caused by the sticky bag of non-burning oil fume, the new bag should be pre-dusted before the boiler bag filter is put into use, while the old filter bag should not be cleaned. Ash, to the dust layer. At the same time, if the site conditions permit, if the flue gas connection pipe is short, it is advisable to consider setting up a fire arrester to prevent unburned coal from burning through the bag.

  3. Shutdown

When the bag filter is shut down, if the shutdown time is short, the filter bag should not be cleaned, and attention should be paid to the insulation of the boiler dust collector. If the downtime is long, all filter bags should be cleaned, and the residual acid gas in the bag filter should be cleaned by the induced draft fan.

4. the boiler bag filter bag is damaged

The cost of the PPS filter bag can reach more than 70% of the maintenance cost of the boiler bag filter.

(1) Wear

Excessively high filtration air velocity causes dust to impact and abrade the filter bag, as well as damage the fabric fiber tension of the filter bag. Solution: Adjust the exhaust gas flow of the dust collector, and increase the automatic flow control system to make the dust collector work at a stable air volume.
The uneven distribution of the air intake of the boiler bag filter can easily cause the high dust-containing exhaust gas to impact the local filter bag and perforate the filter bag. Solution: Install the air intake distribution guide plate at the air inlet duct of the dust collector, or replace the damaged filter bag.

(2) burned

If the temperature of the exhaust gas treated by the boiler dust collector is too high, it is easy to harden or melt the filter bag to create holes; sparks or hot dust in the exhaust gas can also make the filter bag burn into holes. If it is necessary to cool the exhaust gas, when using the cooling method, pay attention to the humidity of the cold air and whether it contains acid and alkali components. At the same time, the temperature of the airflow should be higher than the dew point and prevent water droplets from entering the filter bag directly. To prevent sparks from entering the dust collector, a protective layer (kaolin, limestone powder, etc.) can be pre-covered on the surface of the filter bag.