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The application of pulse bag filter in steel plants is the same as the development of filter technology

The application of pulse bag filter in steel plants

In recent years, the development of bag filters has become more widely used in the steel industry, mainly in the form of bag filters. The whole process of iron and steel production, from ore crushing to steel making, will generate a large amount of dust, which causes serious air pollution. The prevention and control of air pollutants produced by the iron and steel industry mainly uses dust collectors to filter out a large number of smoke and dust particles in air pollutants, while recovering useful materials. Bag dust collectors used in the iron and steel industry mainly include electric arc furnace bag dust collectors, intermediate frequency furnace bag dust collectors, AOD furnace bag dust collectors, coking furnace dust collectors, and various bag dust collectors are mainly assembled by cabinets and bag assemblies. , Diversion device, pulse injection system, ash output system, control system, offline protection system, etc. The bag filter system collects fine dust with a particle size greater than 0.3m, and the dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99%. The use of various types of dust collectors can be used to know the use of bag filters.

There are more than 1,600 companies in the iron and steel industry in my country, which are major users of bag filters. Large iron and steel companies such as Wuhan Iron and Steel, Baosteel, Panzhihua Iron and Steel, and Shougang have more than 200 bag filters. It can be said that the bag filter in the steel industry currently dominates in terms of quantity and application range. Take Shanghai Baosteel as an example. Its annual steel output is more than 10 million tons. There are many dust sources and high flue gas temperature. The amount of smoke and dust emitted is huge. In order to control the pollution of dust and smoke to the plant and the atmosphere, more than 300 sets of environmental protection facilities are equipped, including more than 200 bag filters, excluding small single units and small units, and the installed filter media reaches 800,000 mz , Accounting for about 10% of the annual output of filter media, and its internal control standard bag filter discharge concentration is only 35mg/Nm³, reaching 4.8mg/Nm³. The use of dust removal equipment in the iron and steel industry of a considerable scale is basically the same. It can be seen that the use of dust removal equipment is roughly the same in the iron and steel enterprises of large scale. It can be seen that the bag dust removal system plays an extremely important role in the control of smoke and dust pollution in the steel industry.

      The valve plate of the air chamber remains in the recovery state before the air chamber is sprayed and cleaned. When the cylinder is opened, the valve plate installed in the cylinder seals the air outlet of the air chamber and cuts off the negative pressure of the induced draft fan pipeline. Then the pulse solenoid valve Under the control of the sack, the cloth bag is sprayed and cleaned. The falling off of the valve plate of the air chamber valve will cause the outlet air flow of the air chamber to be unable to be closed. The negative pressure of the induced draft fan operation and the positive pressure of the pulse solenoid valve through the blowing pipe to the filter cloth bag are offset, resulting in the expansion and contraction of the filter cloth bag. When required, the filter cloth bag is not clean and the cleaning effect is poor. It is necessary to regularly open the uncovered cover of the gas chamber, check the valve plate of the gas chamber, check whether the valve plate is welded or deformed, and check whether the fastening nut of the valve plate is off, and tighten it in time.