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Analysis of the influence of the structure of the dust collector bag cleaning system on the life of the dust collector

Analysis of the influence of the structure of the dust collector bag cleaning system on the life of the dust collector

     Structure optimization of the injection pipe. Pulse cleaning is a modern development trend. A pulse cleaning system includes compressed air filtration system, air bag (or air cannon), injection pipe, ventury and other parts. The structure of the blowing pipe is very important.

The diameter of the spray hole on the spray pipe of the dust collector bag will be the most important parameter to determine the cleaning pressure and air flow of the pulse spray system. On the basis of the traditional injection pipe structure, the size of each opening has to be reduced. The opening size has been announced by Goyen's GO-CO injection system design test data. Generally, the difference between the pulse air flow into a cloth bag and a power plant dust bag is within ±10%, and the hole diameter of the same injection pipe will be different. Generally, the injection hole far away from the air bag is 0.5~1.0mm smaller than the injection hole near the air bag. Its fluid test results have been verified by its test data.

According to factors such as air bag pressure, pulse valve resistance, injection pipe size, number of injection holes, etc., the expansion angle of supersonic pulse airflow is generally about 20. Combining with the bag caliber, according to the designer's experience and experimental data, determine the distance between the blowing tube and the pattern plate, and the blowing airflow can cover the entire length of the bag. Positioning marks should be made when installing the blowing pipe. The two ends of the sleeve at the compressed air end of the blowing pipe can be marked with cross stamps to facilitate on-site installation and alignment, so that the drainage nozzle on the blowing pipe is aligned with the center of the pattern cloth bag mouth。

     The main function of the ventury drainage is to maintain the blowing pressure, concentrate the natural diffusion airflow, and form a pressure airflow around the bottom of the ventury, and transfer the cleaning pressure to the bottom of the cloth bag.

The test also verified that the power plant dust filter bag has strong dust stickiness, high filter material resistance or long bag filter. The installation of ventury will increase the dust removal efficiency by more than 30%. Therefore, the installation of ventury can increase the cleaning and filtration area, or reduce the diameter of the pulse valve to save equipment cost.