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The prospect of the boiler bag filter

 The prospect of the boiler bag filter

The St. Blaise Power Plant in the United States first changed the four electric precipitators of four boilers (with a total capacity of 176MW) to bag filter in 1973, and then the bag filter has been widely used in power station boilers and industrial boilers. Since the 1970s, many smoke and dust emission standards have not only been greatly improved, but also sulfur oxide emissions have become more and more stringent, forcing users to burn low-sulfur coal, leading to increased resistible of coal ash and electrostatic dust removal efficiency It has to be replaced by a bag filter, which makes the bag filter more developed.

    Realize localization and large-scale production. At present, most of the domestic bag filters that have been put into operation are used in 35-75t/h boilers, and a small number are 130-220t/h boilers. The technology and equipment used are used in 670t/h boilers. How to increase the localization rate as soon as possible and apply it to capacity boilers (such as 300MW, 600MW generator sets) is of great practical significance.

       Further improve the level of automation, adopt filter bag measures to improve the quality of auxiliary equipment.

       The pulse bag filter is a dry filter device. It is suitable for capturing fine, dry, non-fibrous dust. When the dust-containing gas enters the pulse bag filter under the negative pressure of the induced draft fan, due to the action of gravity, part of the dust particles settle down and fall into the hopper, and part of the dust particles are blocked when the gas passes through the filter bag , Adsorbed on the filter cloth bag, after the cycle time, the air chamber valve valve plate of the air chamber of the dust collector is closed, and then the electromagnetic pulse valve is opened, and the compressed air enters from the top-down direction from the opening of the filter cloth bag through the blowing pipe. The instantaneous contraction-expansion-contraction will remove the dust adsorbed on the outside of the filter bag to the hopper, and then the powder will be discharged through the screw conveyor and then through the star dis-charger to concentrate and recover the powder and purify the gas.