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The corrosion performance of the boiler bag filter

The corrosion performance of the boiler bag filter

      As the concentration of acid and alkali components in the exhaust gas changes, the dew point changes. If the boiler bag filter starts or stops below the dew point, the SO2 in the exhaust gas can cause the filter bag fiber to deform and lose its strength. The prevention method is to use a filter bag to keep the air inlet pipe and outer shell of the dust collector insulated, and if conditions permit, the boiler bag filter can be heated.

The condensed water in the exhaust gas and the initial dust layer on the surface of the filter bag will also cause the filter bag to block. After drying, the dust will condense and compact, causing the filter bag to lose its elasticity. If the filter bag is pulsed at this time, it will accelerate the damage of the filter bag. After the boiler dust collector is stopped, the filter bag is cleaned by pulse back blowing several times, which is beneficial to protect the filter bag.

Common faults in operation:

      1) The exhaust gas and dust emission of the bag filter exceeds the standard (black smoke is emitted from the discharge port), which pollutes the environment, wastes energy, and fails to meet environmental protection requirements, which is manifested by the low efficiency of the bag filter.

2) The bag is easy to catch fire, which seriously affects the economic operation of the unit.

3) Often the exhaust air flow of the bag filter is limited and cannot reach the rated value, resulting in a decrease in the output of the pulverizing system and an increase in the power consumption of the pulverizing system.

4) The box body of the bag filter is severely corroded at low temperature, the bag life is short, the maintenance workload is large, and the maintenance cost is high.