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How much does installation dust collector bags cost?

How much does installation dust collector bags cost?

Nowadays labor cost is very expensive, which is the same case in and abroad. So how much does it cost for you to install a dust collector bag?


In China, one 3m dust collector bag will cost 8rmb per piece, 6m dust collection bag costs 12rmb, 8m dust collector filter bag installation cost 15rmb. This is the cheapest price I have heard in China. And the owner party should also cover the workers’ dining and housing. And if the dust collector is too high, like more than 6 meters, the owner should also provide the crane for the installation workers to lift the dust collector filter bag cage to the top area. Because it is difficult for filter bag installation team to arrange cranes in different cities. On the contrary, it is more convenient and easier and cheaper for the owner party to arrange and pay for the crane. And now small filter bag installation team is increasing more and more, so the installation price is now getting more cheaper.


And in China, more factories now tend to install the dust filter bags by themselves. Because they have the workers themselves, so they can save a lot of labor costs.


So how does it cost in your country to install a dust collector filter bag? Welcome to leave your message and let’s discuss!

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