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What kind of filter bags are suitable for asphalt mixing plants?

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What kind of filter bags are suitable for asphalt mixing plants?


Nomex filter bag prevails in asphalt mixing plant for pulse jet style dust collectors all over the world. A dust collector is an equipment that used to enhance the quality of air released from industrial and waste gas emission by collecting dust and other impurities from air or gas to reach a 10mg emission. Nowadays, more and more big factories like Petrochina, Sinopec, or China top cement plants etc have lead the industry, they are executing a 5mg emission or less. That’s also why now many places in China are enjoying PM2.5.


Back to dust collector, it is designed to handle with high-volume particle loads, a bag filter system consists of a blower, bag filter body, an ash collecting bucket. It is distinguished from air purify, which use disposable dust collector bags to remove dust. The dust collector bag is replaceable, and it is environmental. The advantage with Nomex filter bag is the case, that it provides continuous air flow without introducing unwanted chemicals into the mix asphalt plant while also maintaining low operating costs due to their easy operation.


The Nomex filter bag has a breaking strength of 800-1000N/25CM, normally we use 80gsm Nomex scrim or 120gsm PTFE scrim. Moreover, the Nomex has a working temperature of 204℃. Normally, Nomex filter bags can use well in asphalt mixing plants. According to our statics, BOING Nomex filter bags can work 365 years or it can produce 15tons of asphalts. If you are filter bag manufacturer and you donot produce nomex felts, you can come to us as well.

 nomex filter bags for asphalt mixing plants