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Working principles of boiler dust collectors

Headline: working principles of boiler dust collectors


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It's kind of difficult to explain the working principle of boiler dust collectors. But it can be simply illustrated in the following aspects:

1. Pre-separation: The dust-containing gas discharged from the shaft kiln enters the air intake manifold in the center of the dust collector through the flue, and enters the dust collector bag chambers of the dust collector evenly above the center of the ash hopper under the action of the negative pressure generated by the induced draft fan of the dust removal system. The coarse particle in the dust and flue gas directly falls into the ash hopper due to the blocking of the deflector and the action of its own gravity to complete the pre-separation of the dust.

2. Filtration process for boiler dust collctors: The dust-containing gas enters the dust filter bag through the hole of the flower plate, and the dust is trapped on the inner surface of the filter bag. The dust-containing gas is filtered by the filter bag to be purified. The purified gas enters the bag chamber and is discharged through the lift switch valve. The air channel and the air outlet pipe are discharged into the atmosphere by the exhaust fan. The dust collector is the top air outlet, and the negative pressure operates the inner filter type dust collector.

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3. The method of cleaning dust can be divided into two methods: fixed time and fixed resistance. Timed dust removal is based on a time program by computer. Each room automatically removes dust in turns according to the adjustable time parameters. The dust removal cycle of the dust collector is adjustable in six levels within 0 to 2.5 hours. The cleaning time for each room is 10 seconds to 3 seconds. Six gear options.

The timing cleaning control is to sample the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the dust collector and convert it into an electrical signal through a differential pressure transmitter to perform the cleaning.

4. The working process of boiler dust collector is as follows: In addition to the above two control methods, the ash controller relay solenoid valve cylinder lift switch valve is also equipped with a manual control mechanism, which can manually perform normal ash cleaning control. For the convenience of operation and management, it is recommended to adopt a regular cleaning method.