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Dust conveying of blast furnace gas dry bag filter

Dust conveying of blast furnace gas dry bag filter

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According to the power of the conveying device, the ash conveying method of the blast furnace gas dry pulse dust collector can be divided into a mechanical conveying method and a pneumatic conveying method.

Mechanical conveying method also includes screw conveyor conveying mode and buried scraper conveyor conveying mode, etc. The following is the basic process flow of mechanical conveying method and pneumatic conveying method.

Mechanical conveying method: bag ash collecting hopper→middle ash hopper→screw conveyor or buried scraper conveyor→bucket elevator→high ash warehouse→humidifier→car transportation; pneumatic conveying method

blast furnace dry bag fms filter bag

Type: bag ash collecting hopper→pneumatic fluidized conveying→large ash collecting bin suction and discharge truck transportation; the pneumatic conveying method of blast furnace gas dust removal ash has obvious advantages than the mechanical conveying method, such as less investment and transportation.


Large conveying capacity, long conveying distance, free layout, operation, and good air tightness, which can avoid gas leakage and secondary dust during the process of unloading and conveying ash. Large blast furnaces should choose pneumatic conveying.

And nowadays, blast furnace adapts FMS filter bags, it can usually last 3 years in working life.