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The life cycle of the air filter bag and the selection standard

Headline: The life cycle of the air filter bag and the selection standard   

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The use of air filter bags has gradually entered the production of most of its workshops. There will be many purchasers who will examine the advantages and disadvantages of the filter bag with a professional vision. Its installation and purification are simple and can save costs for enterprises.


In the process of rinsing it with clean water, you will find its filter bags of different materials. Among them, non-woven air filter bags are mostly used. The main reason is that the filter bags of this material can be cleaned twice, and the product is filtered. The effect is that it is more suitable for filtration in mechanical processing production workshops.

It can be effectively divided into air-conditioning filter bags and dust-removing bags in the process of use. The air-conditioning system is mainly used for filtering air dust particles in the air supply system, so that it can meet the requirements of dust-free production environment. Dust-removing bags are mainly used for exhaust air. System industrial exhaust gas treatment.

An aluminum groove is added to the front of each filter bag, and a metal reinforcing rib is added to the back to fix the filter, which will increase the strength of the filter, so that it can avoid the friction of wind cutting when it is broken at high wind speeds.

It is mainly made of synthetic fiber filter bags in the production process, and non-woven filter bags are made of synthetic fibers with different weaves, so as to avoid the old-style glass fiber materials that may cause discomfort to people.

Its filter material contains electrostatic fibers, which can filter micron dust with good efficiency during use, and has the characteristics of high dust holding capacity, high air permeability, and long service life.