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Improper use of liquid filter bags will cause aging

Headline: Improper use of liquid filter bags will cause aging    

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It can be said that liquid filter bags are used in many places around us. With the increasing range of their use now, the types of our liquid filter bags have also increased. It is one product we use more and more around. However, there are also many aspects we need to pay attention to. Due to our improper use, these liquid filter bags are aging. Why does it happen?

Ultraviolet light is one of the most severe factors that cause aging of liquid filter bags.

polyester micron filter bag for liquid filtration

Because it is sensitive to ultraviolet light, its application must take this issue into account. For indoor or outdoor use, light stabilization must be considered. When exposed to outdoor exposure without light stabilization, it loses luster, cracks on the surface, the color becomes dull, and the mechanical properties decrease. Of course, it takes a long time to happen. Since the intensity of ultraviolet light changes with the season, the photo-oxidation degradation of the FIBC is related to the season. It has a life cycle. As the time of use increases, its aging degree will deepen. As long as the natural aging is controlled within the life cycle of the FIBC, its safe use will not have any impact. I believe everyone knows that it is very sensitive to ultraviolet rays, and summer ultraviolet rays are strong, so in summer, do not put the FIBC in an environment of exposure to the sun, because exposure will accelerate the aging of the FIBC. Greatly shorten the service cycle of FIBC.

It seems that ultraviolet rays are the main reason that affects its aging. In recent years, the use of these around us has become more and more. Many products around us need to be used for transportation. It is precisely because it has so many advantages. It makes it more and more widely used around us. I hope that when you use these liquid filter bags you can pay more attention to its maintenance to avoid aging.

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