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Which factors affect high temperature filter bags?

Which factors affect high temperature filter bags?

Today we gonna talk about the factors that would the affect the filter bags. No matter you are the ender user or sales agent, if you know how to maintain the filter medias well, they can serve a longer working life.

high temperature woven fiberglass filter bags

1. The arrangement of the cleaning pulse energy and the pulse valve directly affects the size of the filter bag diameter. The diameter of the usual pulse industrial dust collector is 120mm~152mm;

2. The size of the filter bag must be related to the size of the dust collector;

3. The width of the filter bag will also affect the diameter of the bag. Each filter material has its size and width. If you want to use it to a large extent, the width of the filters will determine the directness of the filter bag;

4. When the filter wind speed and diameter of the dust bag are the same; reduce the number of bags and the area of ​​the equipment, then lengthen the length of the dust bag, so that the filter area of ​​a single bag becomes larger and the dust removal effect will not change.

5. Reduce the number of filter bags, the solenoid valve, pulse valve, blow pipe, etc. of the dust removal system will also be relatively reduced, which saves investment and shortens the dust removal cycle of the dust collector.

6. If the length of the bag is too long, the cost will be higher. In the industry, the height of the dust removal box will also increase, and the strength of each component will also increase during the upward extension process, so the cost of equipment manufacturing will follow. Increase.

7. Poor dust removal effect: when the industrial dust collector bag is used for online dust removal, the longer the filter bag is, the greater the possibility that the dust sprayed out of the bag will be re-absorbed and will be absorbed into the bag; if the dust is removed offline, the longer the bag will be The suspension time should also be prolonged, and the slower the recovery and filtration of the cleaning chamber will be;

8. The dust filter bag is easy to damage: the longer the dust collector bag, in order to ensure an effective dust removal effect, the stronger the blowing energy needs to be maintained, the greater the blowing potential energy, the more likely the dust bag is to be damaged;

9. If the filter bag is too long, installation, maintenance and inspection will be inconvenient. 

There is more factor that will affect the filters, we should pay strong attention to this in order to get a well performance of the filter bag.