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How to judge the replacement of filter bags and the advantages of bag filters?

How to judge the replacement of filter bags and the advantages of bag filters?

1. When will the filter bag be replaced?

In practice, there are two methods to determine when to replace the filter bag:

1) Roughly determine the time of replacement based on experience.

2) Pressure gauges are installed on the inlet and outlet pipes of the bag filter. The pressure difference displayed by the front and rear pressure gauges determines the time to replace the filter bag. Usually, the pressure difference that the filter bag can accept is 1~3kg/cm2 When the pressure difference reaches this range, the filter bag should be replaced in time to prevent the filter bag from breaking and affecting the filtering effect.

replacement of bag filters in power plants

2. Filtering step by step

The series device of bag filters can complete step-by-step filtration.

If the device is used in the front end of the filter, it can significantly reduce the cost of filtration. In the same way, it is also possible to combine filtration methods such as sand filtration with bag filtration, and then further improve the filtration quality and reduce the cost of filter bags.

Combining self-cleaning machines, centrifugal and bag filters, it can be used alone or in tandem with filters of other principles to achieve the desired effect.

3. How to complete uninterrupted filtering?

The bag filter parallel device can ensure the continuity of filtration or increase the flow rate, as shown in the figure, replace the filter bag and insist on continuous filtration.