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Which factors affects dust filter bag working life?

Which factors affects dust filter bag working life?

Which factors affects dust filter bag working life?

"There is no best filter, only the most suitable filter media". The so-called working conditions means the dust filter bag attached to the external environment. Choose what kind of material depends on the working condition.  For the specific condition we must choose the corresponding matched filter media. Only in this way can the dust filter bag get its longest working life. In industrial flue gas dust removal, due to differences in the iron and steel , cement, power generation, waste incineration and other industries with different characteristics and their own working conditions, it causes the users hard to grasp and control. Thus, in addition to the filter medias own characteristics, the external environment also has strong affects to dust filter bags service life. The main factors are the following eight areas:


1.Flue gas volume

2.Content of the flue gas

3.Dust particles

4.the type of dust material

5.temperature limits

6.acid gas

7.oxygen content

8. Air Distribution        

In short, the analysis of working conditions is very difficult and there are too many uncertain factors. Any change in any of the factors will affect the life of the dust bag. When analysis the working condition, the clients should provide detailed information, to find out the external environment so we can design the most efficient and high performance products to meet customers needs and low down their replacement cost and maintainance cost.