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Nomex filter bag superiority and application

Nomex filter bag superiority and application

Nomex asphalt mixing station dedicated dust bag / dust bag in the normal flue gas temperature conditions, the nomex filter bag on the dust bag temperature requirements below 150 ℃, and in the high temperature of the smoke, such as smelting High temperature environment, dust removal, high temperature, high temperature, high efficiency, high temperature, high efficiency, high power consumption, It is not competent. First, because these dust-laden flue dust due to resistance than the resistance is not suitable for electrostatic precipitator collection, can only be used bag or other means of collection; Second, if the dust flue gas temperature to 150 ℃ below the higher investment Or by the site of the restrictions; Third, because the dust in the flue gas because of the composition of sulfur, dust flue gas with acid "dew point", only in the acid dew point above the higher temperature of the filter separation and other factors, This requires a chemical fiber that can withstand higher temperatures for making filters.

Product properties Nomex asphalt mixing station dedicated dust bag / dust bag Nomex METAMAX Metas fiber is aromatic polyamide fiber, in addition to polyester fiber spinning and wear resistance, its large It is characterized by good heat resistance and flame resistance, non-melting. The fiber oxygen index can be 29%, unnatural. When the temperature is above 400 ℃, the fiber is slowly carbonized. In addition, the Nomex Mittal fiber also has good dimensional stability. Compared with the glass fiber, its wear resistance, folding resistance is unparalleled glass fiber. So its high temperature, long service life, is the current high-temperature filter bag filter can choose] filter. Main use smelter, carbon black plant, iron ore plant blast furnace gas, calcium carbide furnace kiln exhaust, casting, steel plant flue gas, cement plant shaft kiln exhaust, asphalt concrete mixing asphalt flue gas, coal-fired boiler and other high temperature environment Dust cleaning other description Fengze source of environmental protection technology DuPont advanced fiber company production METAMAX Metas high temperature fiber, the use of international advanced standards, the introduction of advanced equipment with the development and production of the Nomex asphalt mixing station dedicated dust bag

The Nomex asphalt mixing station dedicated dust bag / dust bag made of imported raw materials from the United States;

① excellent temperature resistance: the temperature can be 204 ℃ continuous operation of the instantaneous temperature of 240 ℃, and can withstand repeated Of the instantaneous fluctuation temperature of 240 ℃.

② outstanding dimensional stability: the temperature of 240 ℃ only less than 1% of the heat shrinkage, with excellent high temperature stability.

③ impressive fire: at 400 ℃ began to break down and carbonation, limit oxygen index LOI 30, not spontaneous combustion is not combustion.

④ good chemical resistance: low concentrations of acid and alkali and most of the hydrocarbons will not affect it, even if a small amount of fluoride will not be obvious corrosion; asphalt concrete mixing plant is one of the ideal accessories.