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Categories of finishing treatment for needle punched felts

Categories of finishing treatment for needle punched felts

Our factory has been producing needle punched felts for 30 years, today we will introduce the finishing treatment of needle punched felts for you.

1, singeing calendering: all needles felts (except for glass fiber) need to burn light pressure treatment, that is, with the fire to the needle felt of the filter surface fiber hair burning or melting, and then high temperature roll again. So that the filter surface is smooth, used to enhance the efficiency of filtration, easy to clean.

2, anti-static: anti-static wire on the base fabric or blended anti-static fiber, generally used in polyester needle felt or polyester cloth, in some circumstance, we also add in pps or nomex needle felts as required by customer;

3, water and oil resistance: also known as the second defense, generally said that the two defense is the polyester two defense; three anti-waterproof, anti-oil, anti-static. General PPS, P84, PTFE is been processed with two defense. Two defense means we put needle punched felts in a kind of chemical soda for a certain time, then we dry and do heat setting. After this is done, water will not go into the needle punched felts any more, and so the bags will not condensate into a mud paste bag. 

4, membrane: membrane composition is PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene, also known as tetrafluoroethane). There are two kinds of coating process; one is glued, the other is hot cover. Now basically we use hot cover.
  The role of membrane:
       1) improve the efficiency of filtration (the most important role);
       2) improve anti-condensation performance;
       3) increase the anti-corrosion.
But the needle felt felt, the air permeability will drop 60 ~ 80%. So the original design dust filter bag is not covered. Replacement filter bags does not recommend the use of membrane products.

5, impregnation: acupuncture felt in the "PTFE emulsion" soaking, high temperature drying. The role is to increase the corrosion resistance of the needle punched felts.

6, coating: with PTFE latex in the needle felts surface coated with a layer. High temperature drying compaction. The effect is to increase the filtration efficiency and increase the corrosion resistance. This finish treatment is a little expensive than membane.

We should choose a right suitable finish treatment for your needle punched felts according to our working condition. In case you have any question, please feel free to ask.